The Historical Society held its meeting on June 4th at Kimball Hall.  We are making plans for our annual membership drive to begin in August.  The Society needs active members who will be interested in creating or rearranging displays, researching artifacts, and staffing the museum on occasions.  (And love sharing Troy's great history.)  So be watching in August for more information.


When I initially viewed the picture postcard on e-bay I suspected the covered bridge itself was located in another town and only the sender was from Troy.   Nonetheless, I couldn’t turn away from Flora’s neatly inscribed, Troy, N.H., on top of the photo and her title, “Old Red Bridge,” so I decided to take a chance and won my bid.


An assembly of historians has formed a research group focusing on local history.  Tied to Troy and neighboring communities, these individuals are exploring the creation of settlements, Native Americans in this region, early land records, roads and much more.  This research journey will follow the path of the settlers who formed this early frontier all the way to the CT River.  We will discover more about their personal lives, their laws, culture, and perhaps their hopes and dreams as may have been recorded in early records and documents. 


To all Historically-minded people of Troy: Here I am, entering my seventieth year yet still enjoying life, mirth, and interesting people. I've crested a summit where I can see an element of understanding only visible from this vantage, that of 'historical perspective.' My 'perspective' has shown me that when life and times of existing generations are not recorded, they are forgotten.


Actually, it was a HYDRANT SYSTEM! Just over a hundred years ago, nearly everyone in town had their own well, or a neighbor’s, to provide water for household usage. In those days, heating and cooking needs were generally met by wood or coal stoves and fireplaces, with the result that building fires [houses, barns, shops, mills, etc.] were an all-too-common problem. The local fire company—equipped with the town’s man-powered pumper, hoses, and assorted nearby ponds—was often hard-pressed to deal with these frequent emergencies.


The Troy Historical Society will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2009. We will have a Pot Luck Supper at 6:PM to kick off a new year. Please bring a casserole, salad, or dessert and enough place settings for the number of people joining you. We look forward to dining with you.

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