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April 2011
This article is not one that you would typically see coming from our commission but one that I feel needs to be expressed.

After voting and attending Town Meeting, I realized that the Selectmen, department heads and budget committee did their very best to cut our town budget with fairness and without sacrificing needed services.  Unfortunately, given the cost of our schools coupled with the state's current method of funding education, our property taxes continue to increase despite our town's best efforts.  Where do we turn for help?  What else can we do?

Most of us as individuals have cut back as much as is possible and are still strained to the limit but maybe, we as the departments, committees and organizations of the town of Troy can take one more step.


From the Issue: 
March 2011
Yes. Town meeting time is here.
    Make plans now to vote at Troy Elementary School 10 AM - 7 PM on Tuesday. March 8. The slate of candidates for positions to be filled is as follows:

Selectman 3 years:
Thomas A. Walsh
Thomas Carroll
Sean P. Cavanaugh
Francis H. Fournier, Jr.
Budget Committee 1 year
Joseph M. Filipi
Planning Board 2 years
Steven J. Sawyer
Planning Board 3 Years
Alan Grimshaw, Jr.
Cemetery Trustee 3 years
James E. Dicey
Fire Chief 3 Years
Mark D. Huntoon
Robert J. Hebert
Welfare Administrator 1 Year
Cynthia N. Satas
Library Trustee 3 Years
Yvonne Peters
Water/Sewer Commissioner 1 Year
Carl H. Patten, Jr.
Water/Sewer Commissioner 2 Years
Christopher D. Raymond
Water/Sewer Commissioner 5 Years
Frank J. Obuchowski


From the Issue: 
March 2011
With Troy Town elections just around the corner on March 8th it is time to think about who to vote for!  This year we are fortunate that there are four candidates running for a three-year term as Selectman.  They are incumbent Tom Walsh, Francis Fournier, Sean Cavanaugh and Tom Carroll.

    In order to give you all a first hand opportunity to hear from these candidates, as well as ask them questions, they have agreed to introduce themselves to you at a Candidates Forum to be held March 1.  This meeting will be held at the Gay Kimball Library at 6 PM.

    In addition, in order to be fair, all candidates running for other open positions are also welcome to speak and ask for your support.  Hope to see you there!


From the Issue: 
March 2011
Last year the Board of Selectmen were able to keep the overall tax rate flat, even though the School, County and State tax rates had gone up.  The Town of Troy had surplus available, and a good part of the surplus was used to offset the increases.  There is still some surplus, however; it is much less and will not be able to reduce the increase coming from the School, County and State.  With this in mind, the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee worked hard to cut operating costs and still preserve services. 

The operating budget is just one part of what makes up our taxes.  There are also Warrant Articles that ask for money for special needs.  The combining of the Operating Budget and the Warrant Articles is what determines what is going to be spent in the upcoming year.


From the Issue: 
March 2011
The Town of Troy Animal Control Officer Sonny Grimshaw and Veterinarian Donna M. Harwood will be holding a rabies clinic on Saturday March 26th 2011 from 9 AM to 12 noon at the Town Hall.  The cost is $10 per shot.  For your convenience, the Town Clerk’s Office will also be open so that you can license your dog at the same time.


From the Issue: 
February 2011
The Budget Committee has concluded its meetings for this year.  This year our Committee worked hard to cut costs where possible.  Then, at our last meeting we finally received this year’s warrant articles and all the work we had done to try and trim costs, was completely undone.  As a result, unless it is decided to utilize money from “surplus” in order to offset increases, it looks as though the Town’s portion of your property taxes will be going up.

Members of the Budget Committee urge all citizens; especially those concerned about the prospect of rising taxes during difficult economic times, to turn out and participate in the Public Hearing February 1; Election Day March 8 and Town Meeting March 9. 


From the Issue: 
February 2011
The 2011 Dog Tags are in!!  All dogs must be registered by April 30th EVERY year.  The fees are as follows: Male/Female $9  Spayed/Neutered  $6.50
Seniors  $2 for the first dog.

    If you have recently updated your dog’s rabies shot
please bring the paperwork with you so that we can update our records also.  Look for upcoming Rabies Clinic date in the March issue!


From the Issue: 
February 2011
Hello my fellow Troy residents. My name is Sean Cavanaugh and I reside on South Street and have resided there for approximately 18 years.  Since I have lived in Troy I have become a member of the Troy Fire Department as well as the Troy Ambulance and presently still serve on both departments when time permits me to do so.  I am a Full Time police officer presently employed by the Antrim Police Department where I am a Patrol Sergeant and second in command of that agency.  As part of my duties I am responsible for assisting the Chief of Police with our department budget and overall operations of the agency.  I am introducing myself to those residents who do not know me as I am running for position as a selectman to attempt serve our community further.
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