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October 2009
The Board of Commissioners would like to congratulate Randy Luopa, Superintendent, for being nominated for Water Operator of the Year. This nomination was sent into Granite State Rural Water Association by an unknown source. The outcome of this nomination was held during the 4th Annual Operator Field Day and Exhibit Show sponsored by Granite State Rural Water on September 15, in Newbury, NH which the Water/Sewer Department attended.. Again, congratulations Randy, for the excellent job you are doing!!


From the Issue: 
October 2009
After another delightful Troy breakfast, I am back to work in Concord on a variety of education-related committees including those that will focus on school building aid and air quality in schools.  I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with many in Troy and heard from several people about the issue of health care. I agree with President Obama that health care must be considered a right and not a privilege.  My husband Art checked out the bike path from the Troy Depot into Keene after the breakfast.  Next time I’ll go with him!  And he and I also enjoyed a visit to Eva’s Bakery where we sampled one of the pastries.

I met recently with local citizens and the state Department of Transportation regarding work on Route 12 and the need to improve safety.  I will continue to monitor those developments and work with the people of Troy to ensure your voice is heard. 


The appraisal firm of Vision Appraisal Technology has been hired by the Town of Troy to begin a Town wide Revaluation Project.  The following is a general outline and explanation of each phase of the project.  Vision Appraisal will be working with the Assessor’s Office as well as The State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration to make the process a successful one.  There are four major phases to a municipal revaluation that are being utilized: Market Analysis, Valuation, Field Review, and Informal Hearings.



I’m Russell Butler, your neighbor living on West Hill Road, and have declared my candidacy for Selectmen. I have not held a position in Troy before, nevertheless, I’m looking forward to holding this position and being involved in our community. I am a family man and conservative in nature.


Hello, my name is Scott Meader, and I am running for re-election in the position of 2nd Deputy Fire Chief. I have been a resident of Troy for 25 years, and a member of the Troy Fire Department since 1997.
I became an officer of the department following several years as a devoted firefighter. I was Lieutenant of the Troy Fire Department for three years, Captain for two years, and have most recently held the position of 2nd Deputy Fire Chief for three years.


My name is Dan Guay and I am running for Deputy Fire Chief. I joined the Fire Department in 2002, a few years after moving to Troy in 1999 with my wife and daughter. Within my first two years of being on the Fire Department I earned my Firefighter Level I and Level II certifications and was appointed to the position of Lieutenant in 2004. Following my appointment to Lieutenant, I was promoted to the position of Captain and have served in that role for the past three years. I also currently hold the position of New Hampshire Forest Fire Deputy Warden.


Yes, town meeting time is here. Make plans now to vote at Troy Elementary School 10 AM - 7 PM on Tuesday, March 10. The slate of candidates for the positions to be filled is as follows:
Selectman 3 years: Russell Butler
Glenn Shattler
Town Clerk/Tax Collector 3 years
Marcy Johnson
Welfare Administrator 1 year:
Cynthia N. Satas
Trustee of Trust Funds 3 years:
Edward F. Oakes
Trustee of Trust Funds 2 years:
Budget Committee. 3 years


It is time again for us to vote on who will represent us on the Monadnock School Board. I wasn't going to run this year because I wanted to finish achieving the qualifications for Firefighter 1. With the resignation of Susan Oerman, whose term will be up next year, I will be running as a write in candidate for the three year term that is on the School Warrant Ballot. We have accomplished a lot in the last two years and I want to see some continuity in the representation form Troy.

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