Police & Fire


2009 started off with a bang for the Meadowood County Area Fire Department. To date, we have responded to 20 emergency calls. We would like to thank everyone who donated to our annual Fund Drive. With your support we can continue to serve the community and your local fire departments.


Some ideas about fire prevention that may help prevent a fire in your home:
1. Keep clothes, blankets, curtains and other combustibles at least three feet from space heaters.
2. Place space heaters where they will not tip over easily.
3. Have chimneys cleaned and inspected annually by a professional.
4. Clear the area around the hearth of debris, flammables and decorative materials.
5. Always use a metal mesh screen with the fireplace and leave glass doors open while burning a fire.
6. Keep clothes, towels and other combustibles away from stove burners.

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