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December 2011
The students look forward to the holiday and winter season.  They will be exploring nature through various means.  The Advent season is the time to focus on the coming of our Savior.  To enhance this theme, Advent wreaths will be constructed by families on Saturday, December 3 at 6 PM.  The completed wreaths may be taken home.

The children are continuing their “reading wall” and practicing the songs to share at the Children's Christmas Worship on Sunday, December 11, at 10 AM.  They will learn about the Babe of Bethlehem and that Jesus was born to save us.  He is the greatest gift of all.  To share this with others, the students will be making "special gifts" for loved ones.  Christmas crafts and displays will be made for the classroom.


From the Issue: 
December 2011
Principal’s List

Clarice Davis
Sam Elkins
Meghan Mecheski
Symantha Fortin
Kaitlyn Priest
Isabella DeLong
Trevor Scott

High Honor Roll

Brianna Wing
Hunter Yeaton
Katie Wheeler
Caitlin Stearns
Alicia Patenaude
Evangeline Perrotta
Elizabeth Queeen
Cullen Lloyd
Hunter Lang
Karissa Nason
Shawn Healey

Honor Roll

Jack Adair
Bethany Warner
Zachary Priest
Shelby Borks
Madalyn Jalava
Sasha Decatur
Anthony Vernazzaro
Hunter Biron
Eythan Tidlund
Brianna Stearns
Clayton Blake
Matthew Mecheski
Leo Shotton


From the Issue: 
November 2011
Monadnock Regional School Board continues to move forward. Since the beginning of the school year at the end of August the Monadnock School Board has been busy. We have met with Committees from Gilsum & Sullivan concerning the future of their schools, heard from our new High School Principal – Jed Butterfield – regarding the status of our High School’s accreditation and taken a serious look at the Budget Committee’s proposal for a 4% reduction in the District’s operating budget.
The board has a policy of conducting School Board meetings on a traveling basis throughout the district to enable members of the community to attend School Board meetings without having to travel to Swanzey (we normally meet in Troy in April). 

Breakfast With Santa/Craft Fair

From the Issue: 
November 2011
The MRHS Band will be holding a Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, November 26th from 8-10 AM.  We will be serving pancakes with maple syrup, sausages, coffee, tea, juice, and hot cocoa. Bring your camera because rumor has it that Santa will be coming to breakfast as well.  After you’ve eaten, there will be a craft fair held from 9AM-3PM at the High School.  Come make a day of it!


From the Issue: 
November 2011
Students were excited to explore the big fire truck that came to preschool. Captain Carter of the Troy Fire Department showed the children what a fireman might look like during an emergency. This led to a discussion about being safe.
Talks continue about the changes of the fall season. Several autumn crafts are being made.  Many pumpkins were carved and scarecrows were created at the annual Fall Family Harvest Night.  It was a night of fun for all.
The children are learning the beginning sounds of the alphabet.  They continue in their love for reading, as shown by their "very hungry caterpillar" posted on the wall. Students will help bake some cookies and mini breads for Christ Lutheran Church's Craft Fair and Bake Sale set for November 19th.
The events of the very first Thanksgiving Day will be shared.  In celebration of this holiday, a Family Feast will be held at preschool. Students will make their own headpiece for the occasion.  A family project regarding family traditions is also planned. 


From the Issue: 
November 2011
The leaves have fallen, the air is filled with wood smoke and we have finally made it past testing at Troy School! November is a short, but busy month.  We start out with Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 3rd and 4th. Conferences will be held from 3:30-5:30 PM on Thursday, November 3rd and from 7:30-10:30 AM on Friday, November 4th.  School will be closed on Friday.  The PTO will be holding its monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 9th at 6 PM.  All PTO meetings are open to whoever wishes to attend them. The PTO would like to apologize for the confusion surrounding the fall Cherrydale Fundraiser. Due to a shipping issue with Cherrydale, items were not shipped on time and will be available for pickup on Tuesday November 1st.  During late November, the PTO will be taking orders for Game Wright board games, with a Game Night scheduled for December 1st.  Look for more information to come home regarding this event.  School will be closed on Friday, November 11th in Honor of Veteran’s Day.


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October 2011
The students are off to a good start at preschool.  Our teacher, Mrs. Sherry Carter, reports that the children are making new friends and learning how to share and take turns.  As fall approaches, the children will learn about the changes in nature, plus all about apples and pumpkins.  Autumn crafts and creations will decorate the classroom.  The Fall Family Harvest Night is sure to be a hit!

The students learn through guided play and imagination.  They will experiment by painting with objects other than a brush.  They may be surprised at the results!  The students are discovering God's world and everything He created.  They are learning about Jesus and His love for them.

Ms. Sherry encourages reading both at home and preschool.  A reading log is kept which will be formed into a caterpillar.  The children will watch it grow throughout the year.  As Eric Carle wrote in his classic, children's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," ate a lot.  The students walk to the town library once a month and enjoy having Miss Catherine read to them.


From the Issue: 
October 2011
We’ve gotten into the swing of things, settled into our daily routines and here it is, October already! October is a testing month here at Troy School. NECAP testing starts the first week of October and lasts right up until the end of the month. All students in grades 3-6 will be taking this important test and the results will be reported to the state. Please encourage your students to get lots of rest the night before a test day, and to eat a good breakfast.

The PTO would like to thank everyone who purchased items from the Fall Fundraiser. Items will be available for pick up on Thursday October 20th at 6:00pm, which is also our Pumpkin Carving night! Come join us as we carve pumpkins to be delivered to Keene for counting in the Pumpkin Festival which will be held on Saturday October 22nd. The next PTO meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 12th at 6:00pm. All PTO meetings are open to whoever wishes to attend them.
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