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December 2010

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From the Issue: 
December 2010
It hardly seems possible that we are headed into the holiday season, but here it is, December. We are headed into a short, but busy month here at Troy Elementary School.  We will be having our first early release day on Friday December 3rd, and the children will be dismissed at 12:30 PM.
    The PTO, along with the NCLA Program, will be holding a Simple Supper/ Family Game Night on Thursday, December 2nd.  A supper of bread, soups and salad will be served at 5:30 PM in the Multipurpose Room.  Following that, an assortment of board games will be available to be both played, and purchased.  Prices range from $6 to $28. The PTO will hold its December meeting on Wednesday, December 8th at 6 PM. PTO meetings are open to all.


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November 2010
The theme for this month is centered around being thankful.  We are thankful that God has blessed us with a home, food, and clothes to wear.  We're thankful for our families and God's love for us.  To expand upon this theme, the students will construct a family tree and a family quilt. The children may be talking turkey as well.  Autumn leaves and acorns are being put to good use and other fall crafts and activities are being enjoyed.  The children will bake for Christ Lutheran Church's Craft & Bake Sale on Saturday, November 20th.

Throughout the fall fun, readiness activities are being taught.  The students enjoy hearing the beginning letter sounds and then forming their shapes in the rice and/or bean table.  The children are learning by doing and exploring.  The students are also learning how to take turns, share, and to use manners.  Story time is always a favorite quiet, listening activity at preschool.

Two day and three day sessions are held at Tender Shepherd. The preschool has been serving area families for over 25 years.  For more information, please call 242-SAVE.(7283)


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November 2010
The Troy NCLA-ACCESS program at Troy Elementary School has received a Learn and Serve Grant to work on a gardening project. The monies provided will allow the students to create their own garden and educate the community on gardening.  The goal of the project is to teach children valuable lessons about how food goes from the farm to the table.  As part of this program, during the Fall and Winter months, students enrolled in the “Early Sprouts” program (which was designed by the Keene State College Nutrition Dept.) will learn how to cook healthy meals using recipes that include five different vegetables (carrots, peppers, Swiss chard, green beans and tomatoes).  In early spring, children will use the Early Sprouts curriculum as well as the 4-H Green Thumb curriculum to construct a garden. 


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November 2010
The first quarter of school is about finished, and report cards will be issued at Parent Teacher Conferences on November 4th and 5th.  On Thursday, November 4th conferences will be held from 5-7 PM. School will be closed on Friday November 5th, and conferences will be held from 7:30-11 AM. If you need to schedule a conference that doesn’t fit into this time frame, please be sure to contact your child’s classroom teacher.
On Tuesday November 2nd, from 10 AM until 7 PM, voting will be held in the Elaine Merrifield Multipurpose Room.  School will be in session this day, and we ask you to please drive slowly and carefully as you enter the school yard.

    The PTO will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday November 10th at 6 PM.  All PTO meetings are open to the public.  The PTO is looking for new members who would like to help support the students and teachers at Troy School.  You need not attend meetings to be on the PTO.  Please contact Terri Dushion at if you are interested in helping out.


From the Issue: 
October 2010
Since our last report in the Troy Town News, the School Board has endorsed our recommendation that the Monadnock School District withdraw from SAU #38.  The plan has gained acceptance by the State Board of Education and we hope that everyone had the opportunity to attend the informational session on September 28.  Further, district residents will have the opportunity to vote on this matter in a special election on October 26.
Soon you will receive from the District a brochure highlighting the positive impact withdrawal from SAU#38 will bring to Monadnock and especially to our students.  Below we have included a portion of the brochure which outlines the findings from the Withdrawal Committee.

A Monadnock-only SAU focuses 100% of staff attention on OUR students - we don't share expertise, and our students benefit.

Our plan for our SAU improves coordination of Special Education in the elementary schools, which serves students better and could save money over the long term.


From the Issue: 
October 2010
Vote yes to withdraw from SAU #38 October 26.  The school district will hold a special election on October 26 to see if district voters will vote to withdraw from SAU# 38. This is a VERY important vote and it is important that you vote YES to withdraw.  The Monadnock Regional School District is making tremendous progress in gaining control over our expenses and providing a better education for all our district’s children.

A Supervisory Administrative Unit (SAU) provides school districts with curriculum, business, and special education services.  About 35 years ago the state forced the merger of Monadnock into an SAU with the Winchester and Hinsdale School Districts hoping for efficiencies of scale which never materialized.  Monadnock has been responsible for more than 60% of the special education and management costs of the Winchester and Hinsdale School Districts.  The Hinsdale District will probably leave the SAU at the end of June, which means Monadnock will pay about 77% of Winchester’s special education and management costs unless we pass this vote to withdraw on October 26..


From the Issue: 
October 2010
The new school year is off and running and we’ve been very busy here at Troy School.  Students in grades 3-6 will be begin NECAP testing on 4th, and continue through the end of the month.  Please make sure your children are resting well the night before testing, and having a good breakfast.  This state test is used to determine if our school makes Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) each year, and is very important.  Good luck to all the students taking the test!
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