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September 2010
The Dragon Palace Restaurant, located at the Mountain View Plaza in Troy, has proudly held its doors open for business since September 2004.  Jori and Kevin Smith are the very hard working owners.  Kevin, a longtime resident of Troy, is there six days a week to greet you.  Jori organizes the staff, kitchen and also selects the menu items.

The restaurant resides in a location which boasts a beautiful and breathtaking view of Mount Monadnock.  The inside of the restaurant has a lovely Asian decor that includes paintings, shrines, statues, and other trinkets.  If you find yourself feeling very comfortable, it’s probably due to the principles of feng shui that have a hand in the décor.  The shrines and statues have been arranged to promote good luck, success, and protection for people entering and leaving the premises.


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July/August 2010
The Inland Shellfish Company is open for business under the ownership of Troy native Ryan Thompson.  He and his father have been Lobster fishing off the coast of Hampton and The Isles of Shoals for the past two years.  Their boat "Miss Lila" is a 24 foot privateer lobster boat.  .They fish up to 3 miles off shore.

The main product of the store will be lobster and occasionally they will have other shell fish available.  They also carry some lobster theme gift baskets which make a great summer gift.  Prices are very reasonable and you are guaranteed a fresh product.

The business will be a seasonal one running from May to December.  Location is 199 N. Main on Route 12 North across from Bowers.  Current hours are Thursday and Friday from 3 to 6:30 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM to 5 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 3:30 PM.  Also open some holidays.  Check for changing hours during other seasons. For special or large orders for the weekend you may  reach Ryan at 603-5048029 or by e-mail at 
It is good to have another new business in the town and local support is appreciated.


From the Issue: 
July/August 2010
Our open hours have been expanded to include weekdays, mostly on a self-serve basis, so please feel free to stop by and browse.  We're always adding new things and hope to have fresh flower/herb bouquets available later this summer.  We still have a great selection of herb plants, and our remaining annuals are on sale at half price.
    Thanks to everyone who has visited our little garden center.


From the Issue: 
July/August 2010
Come on Troy, let’s celebrate! This summer Monadnock Berries will be celebrating our 15th year in business, all summer long! Anthony and I, the kids, and staff are all very proud that we are able to continue growing, picking, and selling our berries right here in Troy.
    We have several events planned for this 2010 season.
The first is Mini Cooper Day Saturday July 31st, when we invite the Monadnock Area Mini Association MAMA, to visit the farm in convoy. There will be as many as 50 Mini’s of all ages and colors filling our back yard, a cookout open to the public, with a live band and a treasure hunt with prizes, all while picking those juicy berries!
    The second is an Ice Cream social August 7th lasting all day, where you can sample many of our fruit toppings and fresh fruit on top of delicious ice cream, just the thing to help cool you down after picking your fresh berries!


From the Issue: 
June 2010
Our benches and plant shelves are still bursting with a great variety of herbs and other special annuals and perennials.  We also have a special selection of combination planters and dish gardens.  New additions are sedum gardens, very low maintenance plants just right for those with not so green thumbs.

Our own handmade plant charms and terrarium decor (toadstools, toadstool cottages and gnomes) would make a great addition to any fairy garden or terrarium.  Please stop by and pick up your free packet of “plantable butterflies.”  Hope to see you soon!


From the Issue: 
June 2010
Hello Troy Town News Readers!  Many of our customers at the Garden Center are surprised to find out that we are part of the Monadnock Berries Pick Your Own farm on West Hill.  Anthony and I and our staff have been working at the Farmstand and Garden Center on RT 12 for 3 1/3 years now and are delighted to say that we were able to purchase the property at the end of last season.

The new sign, Lynn photographed in last months TTN issue, was our first big change as owners.  Some of the other changes include a greenhouse attached to the farmstand, custom built shop displays, and a shaded area with a bubbling fountain.  We hope these changes make it easier for our customers to find those interesting plants they are looking for while strolling around and enjoying themselves


From the Issue: 
June 2010
Formerly known as the Itinerant Peddler. 

Being a stay at home mom for 12 years, I quickly learned how to cut corners when it came to paying the bills.  When I first discovered consignment shops, it was as if a whole new world opened to me!  As a mother of six, I needed to be careful.  Consignment was a great way for me to pass along things we no longer had a need for and make a little money for our growing family.  And so, after several years of consigning and spending some time working at a consignment shop, I decided to venture into the business world and make a go of it with my own little shoppe. 


From the Issue: 
May 2010
Welcome to Pamelia’s Garden, a new source for herb and everlastings plants located at 99 Richmond Road here in Troy.  The inspiration for our name was my grandmother’s lovely flower garden.  Grammy was a talented, devoted gardener who seemed to be able to make any plant flourish.     

We’re starting small (although we have a great selection of plants!) and are open to suggestions as to what you would like to see us offer in the future.  Later in the season, we hope to have fresh and dried flower/herb bouquets, garden ornaments, some houseplants, a continuing supply of perennials plus more.

Please stop by and visit.  For now, we will be open weekends, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-5.  Check our ad for further contact information.  Hope to see you soon!

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