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May 2010
Joe and Sherrie Sabolevski opened the Troy Auto Parts and Service Center business in 1981 offering auto parts and service.  It was a parts store and two bay service area, which was enlarged to a four bay service area after a couple years.  In 1990 they started selling used autos in addition to the parts and service, and added auto body and auto detailing for a short time.
    In 1998 Troy Arctic Cat was added, selling and servicing snowmobiles, ATV’s and trailers.  The store was painted Arctic Cat green ”which caused some talk in town” according to the Sabolevskis, but that changed when they enlarged the building in 2003 and became a world class Arctic Cat store.

Spotlight on Business: GARDEN CENTER OPENS

From the Issue: 
April 2010
This is a shout out to all the gardeners in Troy! Come on down!  Monadnock Berries Garden Center Opens April 1st.  We have been working very hard seeding plants, taking cuttings, potting on and tending with great care.  We love what we do and are delighted to share our passion with other gardeners be they master or novice.  Come into our big heated house where we have beautiful Easter bulbs bursting with color, cheerful pansies, and a terrific assortment of herbs.  Our favorite cone rattan hanging baskets filled with herbs or flowers will be ready by the end of the month along with jolly gerber daisies and carefree osteospermums, and finally don't forget to look for the exotic purple plectranthus.


From the Issue: 
April 2010
The first year open here at Eva's Bakery & Cafe has flown by, and it has been an exciting journey!  First, I would like to thank all of those who have supported our business for the past year.  It was your help and support that led to the success of a new Troy business.  Since February 12 of last year, Eva's Bakery & Cafe has been run with the help of my three children; Kasia, Filip and Agata.
    The first year in this economy has not been easy, but we made it and we plan to stick around for a while!  We have many changes in store for the bakery.  Even after our year-long renovation of the building, we still are not done.  We will eventually repaint the entire building, including the handicap ramp, deck, and gazebo.  We also would like to do some more landscaping around the yard. In addition, we hope to expand our menu by adding more salads and sandwiches to the lunch menu, as well as adding more items to our breakfast menu.


From the Issue: 
February 2010
Change and improvements are the order of the day on Troy Common.  The market we have depended on for so many years has been taken over by Doug Oatley and Wendy DeMarco.  Under their enthusiastic and independent operation it has become Central Square Market.  After a brief closing to enable a floor to ceiling make-over the store has been reopened to provide a first rate town market.  A welcome addition will be the fresh meat counter supported by every-other day fresh delivery.  At the level of detail, specially prepared sandwiches will be available.  For the kids coming off the school bus there is a row of penny candy jars. 
    The intention is to provide Troy with affordable but quality provisions.  Discount items will continue to be offered when quality can be assured.  As the TROY TOWN NEWS goes to press Wendy and Doug are awaiting the inspection required to enable dealing in food stamps, tobacco products and beer.  These will be in place promptly and residents should watch for the Grand Opening to follow.  Keep a sharp eye out for coupons for savings beyond the regular prices.

Spotlight on Business—LEPISTO'S GARAGE, INC.

From the Issue: 
January 2010
The building at 9 Fitzwilliam Road first began as Alex Lepisto and Sons.  They did general auto repairs and blacksmithing.  The building was erected in about 1926.  Shortly after that, George Lepisto (the Senior) ran the business.  He ran a trucking company called Monadnock Express that did trucking for Troy Mills to New York, Boston and other eastern cities.  He had the local Pontiac dealership as well as the International truck and REO truck dealerships.  He also did trucking for Arthur Whitcomb's company and hauled sand and gravel in his dump trucks.  The auto repairs continued as well as welding arid wrecker service.


From the Issue: 
December 2009
If you have family and friends who have relocated out of the area - kids who are away at school - servicemen and women stationed overseas - or someone who you would just like to share some local flavor with, subscriptions to TROY TOWN NEWS are available.  For a mere $10 for the calendar year, each monthly issue will be mailed to the person of your choice.  Call Judy at 242-6463 to arrange for the joy of small town living to arrive in someone’s mailbox with the next issue!  
    It would make a nice holiday gift —-


From the Issue: 
November 2009
Founded in early 2005, Bergeron Internet Consulting has been serving the Monadnock Region and beyond with complete website application design and development.  Happy to work with any size client, they can develop a strategy to work for first-time web sites, third-generation ecommerce sites, or anything in between.

Jeff Bergeron, owner and general manager of Bergeron Internet Consulting, has twelve years of experience dealing with the ever-changing landscape of the Internet.  He has spent the past several years working with the hot technology known as Content Management Systems. CMS allows non-technical people to easily and quickly update their content, which is otherwise done manually by programmers and HTML experts.  By using a CMS, you can save time on training, while facilitating more people to update content on live site — you get a web site that’s always fresh!  If you can fill out a website form then you can manage a CMS-powered website!  In fact, the all-new Troy Town News website was built using one of these Content Management Systems! 
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