Advertising Info

Style Guide for Advertisers

Providing direction to services and products available to our readers is an important part of the Troy Town News.  Advertisements are arranged to fit the two-column style of the paper.  

A conventional one-column ad is 3.5 inches wide.  Arrangements may be made to display double wide (two columns) ads and full pages.

Advertisers may submit written text with a request for TTN Staff to choose type style and borders.  Advertisers may prefer to submit complete, camera-ready format in size chosen.  Layout, text and logos must be compatible with TTN printing.  The editors of TTN reserve the right to accept format and content.

TTN accepts advertising requests via email to  We can use jps, gifs or pdfs.  Or you may arrange for a staff member to visit at your business to discuss your ad.

Deadline for submission is the 15th of the month.

Single issue rates:
I inch    $10
2 inch (basic business card) $20
Quarter page $40
Full page $150

To advertise for a full year (11 issues). You can save the cost of one issue by paying in full in advance.  (For example, a 2 inch ad for 11 issues will be $200.)

Printed page insert $50 insertion fee.  One or 2 sides, 1050 copies provided by the advertiser, call for details.  To have our printer provide the 1050 copies needed there is an additional $75 charge for a single sided insert.  Ad copy must be approved by TTN Staff prior to submission of the copies.