From the Issue: 
February 2012

    The Post would like to thank all of the people who helped this last year.  Even though we are a small post I would like to speak about the projects that we have accomplished this year:

  •     We were grateful to be asked to join with the school when they honored our veterans in the spring.
  •     The post organized Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
  •     Donated the time and labor to spread mulch at the library.
  •     We were honored to attend an ice cream social.
  •     There was a flag disposal done where the unserviceable flags received their last honor.
  •     We helped Santa meet with the Troy children.
  •     The American Legion along with your help has sent over $40,000 worth of coupons to our troops serving overseas.
  •     We have recently sponsored a veteran’s page through the library.

    The Post was very grateful to all those who donated during Poppy Days.  100% of the funds will go towards helping veterans.  

    If you would like to belong to an organization such as this please contact Charlie Cook at or call 313-1626. Again we thank all those who have helped.