From the Issue: 
March 2012
    My name is Marcia (Abare) Nadeau and I am a candidate for Administrator of Welfare. 
    This is my first time running for any town office. Now that I am semi-retired I have the time and interest to help others in our community. 
    I have worked with the public all my life in the capacities of Head Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Business Manager, LNA, Senior Program Co-Ordinator and Reservation Specialist. I am a people person. 
    Previously I worked for years with many agencies as my late Daughter was totally disabled from her teens with Diabetes.  This helped her reach the quality of life she and any others so deserve. 
    I believe that you would find me most capable, honest and with great integrity to be able to take on the challenges this job would require. 
    Thank you for your consideration in voting for me as Administrator of Welfare for the Town of Troy on March 13, 2012. 
    I feel it is a time for change both in my life and the Town of Troy.