From the Issue: 
March 2012

    Hello my name is Francis Fournier candidate for selectman. I have been a resident since 1967.  I have served on the Planning Board twice now, in my first 3 year term I served my 2nd year as secretary and my 3rd year as vice chairman. Currently I have a 2 year term and hold the vice chairman's position. I have been a member of the Industrial Development Authority for 2 years now and have a co-chairman's position. I am also currently on the Budget Committee. I was involved in the research and preparation of the Master Plan and was the Planning Board representative for the Master Plan Steering Committee. I was also involved in the clean-up of the Rockwood Brook Hazardous Waste Site. 
    I will start by saying that I do not like our tax rate and that I do not like spending money we don't have on things we don't need and that I think there are changes that could be made. 
    The mill is also a big concern of mine, and at its current assessed value of over $ 3,000,000 our loss is approximately $90,000 in tax revenue every year, and is a big burden for us to make up. It is also our industrial property that can bring us jobs and possitive revenue if handled properly. 
    I also understand that most of us have concerns and issues that don't get addressed or we can't get answers to. One person can't do this by himself, but with help from you and my election to the Select board I will do everything in my power to answer your concerns and I will promise to bring total transparency to the Select Board.