From the Issue: 
March 2012
    My name is Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr. and I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of Selectman, 3 yrs. 
    I have been a resident of Troy for forty two years and have previously served on various Boards of the Town. 
    Recently I retired from Civil Service with 28 yrs. of service and the military after 31 yrs. of service. 
    I am a candidate running for Selectman without any agenda or special interests, only to bring a new focus into the Office of Selectmen and to respectfully be the voice of the taxpayers of Troy. 
    As a candidate I believe that the Selectmen represent the taxpayers and voters. I would be committed to working with the Boards, Committees and Departments in order to be more efficient, accountable and responsible. 
    As your candidate I would look forward to working with the other Selectmen to identify new opportunities to generate interest for business owners to locate in Troy and to add revenue to the tax base. I would work to set priorities, goals and be more efficient with the taxpayer's dollars. 
    If you have questions or would like further qualifications please feel free to e-mail me at
    I would greatly appreciate your vote March 13, 2012.