From the Issue: 
March 2012

    March is a busy month at Christ Lutheran.  We will be having “Soup and Sandwich Suppers” each Wednesday night preceding our Mid-Week Lenten worship services.  The suppers start at 6 PM and the worship services begin at 7 PM.  The public is always invited to these as we meet to hear God’s Word and to prepare ourselves for Holy Week – our focus is on the celebration of Easter and the Resurrection as we also go through and celebrate Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  Our Lenten Series this year is on “The Blood” – “the blood of Christ, the blood of sacrifice, and the blood of life.”

    We also continue our regular Sunday Worship which includes Sunday School and Bible Study at 9 AM. and Divine Worship at 10 A.M.  The public is also invited to our Saturday Night Adult Gathering (“SNAG”).  This is a “worship- prayer-study-discussion-coffee” group that was started a few months ago and is still developing…we seek to fill the needs of those who come answering questions, discussion of interests, concerns, ideas, etc., and while the adults are chatting, the “Kids Klub” is having Bible lessons, doing crafts, playing games, or watching videos – all under adult supervision.

    Our world is so full of confusion, stress, and loneliness and our children are so in need of good clean wholesome activity with other children, please consider visiting any of our Saturday or Sunday activities.  Did you know that God wants all of His children to come home…He would be happy if you came home to any church – if not Christ Lutheran, than seek out another one, but for your spiritual health and your children’s spiritual future don’t reject God’s call.

    April will bring us Holy Week and Easter with a celebration of the Resurrection…come during March and see what deep and rich meanings this all has.  

“God’s Peace”,  

  Pastor Jay