From the Issue: 
September 2010
Another year is beginning for the Lions.  We are looking forward to a great year! Lucille Decatur, a member of our Club, is now the District Governor for District 44N.  We know it will be a great year for Lucille.  She has chosen “Community at Heart” for her theme this year.  Our Club hopes to get together with other groups in the Community and work with them. 
On Friday July 23rd the club was on the common in Troy selling dinners of our delicious chicken BBQ.  We had a great attendance and wish to thank everyone for that.  In August our members sold tickets at Gate 5 at the Cheshire Fair along with the Monadnock Club in Marlborough.  I noticed many familiar faces. 
Next month we will have more information about our Annual Holiday Basket Auction. 
Please contact any member of our club if you are in need of eyeglasses or hearing aids.  We welcome guests to attend our monthly meetings and find out what Lionism  does in your Community.