From the Issue: 
March 2012

    First of all, I wish to thank God his provision of employment for me and members of my family.  I not only thank him for employment, but thank him for the opportunity to see His hand moving in people’s lives.

         Yesterday was such a day.

        I am working in Fitchburg.  A man starts a conversation about the lack of "good people" in the world.  While talking, tears run down his cheek.  He looks at me and he says that Jesus saved his life.  He shares that as he went in for major surgery he made a vow to God, saying “if you don't let me die, I will do anything within my power to be a good person; to help those needing help”.  This has been his ministry. 

    He said he had to share that with me because as I drove up to the property, he saw a halo over the pickup truck.  When he saw me step out of the truck, the halo grew and covered me.  He wanted to let me know that either:  1, God “knew” me and God is with me or 2, That I “knew” God.

    He just broke down and started crying, thanking God for saving his life.  He was sobbing, for on this day, this man cried out to God saying that he was tired.  He cried out for help, hope and strength.  Then God sends a man covered with a halo to him. 

    God hears prayers.  He confirms his word with signs and wonders.  We had the opportunity to pray and thank God.  You are invited to hear additional reports of God’s love in people’s lives at The Colony Mill Marketplace on the first and third Saturday of each month.