From the Issue: 
June 2011
Troy residents clearly appreciate the Recycling Center.  There is no question about how busy your crew is.  Help the efficiency of the Center by taking a moment to separate colored material - advertising flyers- from newspapers.  Clean newsprint is a source of income supporting the Center, but it is rejected if mixed with colored paper stock.  Make two piles - newspaper in one and colored stock in the separate heap.
    It's waste disposal at the recycling center, right?  But Messy Waste can't be recycled.  Double check that everyone in the household knows that cans and bottles must be rinsed clear of food and beverage residue.  Warm weather is ready to come and food and beverage residues can raise a stink. We don't need sterile results, just rinsed clean of residue. And dispose of caps and lids separately please. Jars and bottles submitted for recycle should be free of lids and covers.
    Be sure everyone in the famTroy residents with current Recycling Center stickers may take advantage of access at the Keene Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility June11, 15 and 25.  These dates end the spring collection schedule.
This is a chance to clean out toxic wastes that may have accumulated in your workshop, basement, garage or cupboards.  Products marked poison, toxic, flammable, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous may be disposed of at the Keene facility.  These materials may NOT be left at the Troy Recycling Center!
    The Hazardous Waste Collection Center is located off of Route 12 at 55 Old Summit Read just 4.5 miles north of West Street in Keene.  Stop at the entrance gate for directions to the Hazwaste Center.  The facility will be open from 8 AM until 1 PM on the June dates posted above.
ly is aware that bathroom tissue should not be submitted for recycling.  Tissue is a separate disposal issue.  Make sure bathroom tissue is not mixed with paper submitted for recycling.