From the Issue: 
October 2011
Liberty Mutual is committed to fire safety and the firefighters who protect our communities. America’s firefighters are facing tough times and without outside funding, many have had to forgo the purchase of new life-saving equipment. You can help reverse this trend, with the click of a button.

 I’m working with Mark Huntoon and our own Troy Fire Department for Liberty Mutual’s Fire Safety Pledge Program.  All you have to do to help Troy win this grant is take an easy quiz with 10 questions about fire safety, give your point to Troy Fire Department when you reach the end.  Starting NOW, you can help by following these simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Look for the box in the lower left called ‘Take The Pledge Quiz’
3. Click ‘Take the Quiz’
4. Click ‘Get Started’
5. Answer 10 questions
6. Troy Fire Dept. will appear on the last page- click the yellow box that says ‘Select This Fire Dept’
7. Fill out your email address
8. Very Important- Check your email for the verification link to give credit to our department!!
TROY TOWN NEWS readers can help our neighborhood heroes by rallying family, friends, and colleagues to go online and participate as well.  Please post this quiz to your Facebook statuses, take the quiz from each email address you own (clear your cookies between quizzes), use the site to ‘Spread the Word’, and look for posters around town.  
Last year’s small town winner had 550 votes. This is not a lot, but it’s more than Troy can get without your help, even if every household in the school takes the quiz.  We are competing against all towns with 10,000 or fewer residents.
The grant period will stay open until the end of October, and winning departments will be announced in November, 2010.  We really need this, so Thank You!!

Lisa Steadman (603) 357-0609 x52426 or (603) 242-6070