From the Issue: 
March 2011
The IDA is now active again.  Our first meeting was held on August 3.  We set up the board.  The purpose is to bring much needed business and industry to our Town.  Our first business was to research the 21 lots taken by tax collector's deed.  We did site walks on 6 lots.  The 4 lots that are industrial zoned are the Brown lot on Dort St. has 48 acres with all service and access on both Dort St. and Bigelow Hill Road.  The Industrial property (Route 12 south) 8.3 acres- sewer could be a problem.  Quarry Rd. (old trailer park) is 69 acres —small lot with potential.  Mill St. parking lot, 5.58 acres with all services.  The board thought the Mill St. parking lot was the best lot to start with so we started to clear it.  Our findings on the other 17 lots were turned over to the Selectmen.  We discussed an auction but couldn't come to a unanimous decision.  We also discussed trying to develop one of them,  Our economy and the funding makes this too much of a gamble.

We are also working on a web site to make it easy for anyone to be able to access our progress.  You can find minutes of our meetings posted in Town Hall.  If you would like you are more than welcome to join us at our meetings.  They are held on the 2nd Thursday and the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 PM.