From the Issue: 
November 2011
On 09/19/11 I did yell down to the seesaw area where 2 kids were being rough on the seesaw.  I was a couple of hundred feet away.  Whether they are under twelve years of age or not is not the point, but they did look older.  The skinny kid, your son, Jen, was standing on one side and the heavy set kid was jumping up and down while sitting.  I told them, or yelled at them, not ranting and raving as you state.  The mentor thought they were “just having fun.”  I said too many people have gone thru a lot of time and effort to get the playground up and running.  I think the playground should be for even smaller kids, given the size and weight of kids these days.  I also yelled down at them when they were trying to shoot the geese with their giant water blasters, and when that did not work, they started throwing stuff. 

I am a member of the Troy Recreation Committee, and clean up Sand Dam a few times a week with my picker.  I’ve cleaned feces off the bathroom wall on fishing derby day in the girl’s side; I have witnesses who reported this to me.  Cleaned up broken bottles, reported campfires that were on the pavilion cement to the police.  Brought a pill container and pills recently to the police, these were strewn about the parking lot.  Cleaned up the pavilion area with another TRC member after the Girl Scout people had their feast there.  Please take the trash to the dumpster after your party.  The critters had a party after you left.  I also picked up about 50 pieces of shingles from the dugout roof, probably with asbestos in them. 
 Recently, Columbus Day weekend, a kid told me some kids were shooting b-b guns at bottles, hence the glass all over the basketball court, along with the huge cracks and the grass growing on the basketball courts.  If I had a pushbroom I would clean the glass up.  If the 3 trash cans were not gone since mid-September, I would not have had as much cleaning to do.
 Sand Dam is special to me and my 5 year old grandson and I will keep cleaning up and reprimanding unruly behavior.  If I offended any kid with my loud talking, I apologize.  I care for the safety of the kids and the area.
Come Spring we could use volunteers to clean and help out.  We could also use eyes and ears at Sand Dam.  When I went to the Town Meeting last year, many people were concerned about patrolling the area and about vandalism.  Nothing was done, no sensor lights, no patrolling.  The skate park also needs attention, can we get some ideas and volunteers come Spring?
Also, parents stay off the equipment!  I’ve also told the carful of teens to stop smoking at the skate park.  They are from Winchendon.  I did not threaten any kids with the police.  I am concerned and very passionate about Sand Dam.  If anyone has ideas or comments, call me at 562-5429.
Thank you, Jim Reed, Troy Senior Housing.