From the Issue: 
April 2011
What's good for our kids is good for our town!

I am writing this article to let the people of Troy know what a truly magnificent school we have and how fortunate we are to have, in addition to a great school with an incredibly caring, creative and knowledgeable staff, a before and after school program!  I myself, like many inhabitants of this lovely town, have to work.  I would not be able to work and live in this town without the NCLA (No Child Left Alone) program, which runs the before and after school program through the capable hands of the director, Jean Isgro, and her staff.  Without this program I would not be able to work because I would not be able to secure sufficient and affordable child care.  I am not alone in this situation.  In fact, over 90% of the people who utilize this program are working parents/guardians of the wonderful children who attend NCLA.

In addition to the NCLA being a safe place for kids, they also help kids to grow.  My own daughter has some social anxiety issues at times.  This program has been the bridge between her and her social world by aiding her with connecting with her peers, slowly, at a pace that works for her.  I have witnessed the staff reach out to other kids to aid them with their issues.  And they constantly focus on the primary developmental concerns of this age group: self esteem building, conflict resolution, and aiding in developing the ability to make good decisions.