From the Issue: 
October 2011
Today, 9/19/11, my son and his friend went to Sand Dam with my son's mentor.  They were apparently playing on the sea-saw and according to the adult who was with them; another Adult Troy Resident began yelling at them that they were "horsing around" and they were not to be on the see-saw as they were too old and too big.  This resident went as far as threatening to call the police on our son and his friend.  When my husband and I heard this story we were less than impressed.  Our son has adult supervision wherever he goes due to his developmental delays.  If he were doing something that were to cause damage to the playground, his adult supervision would have dealt with it appropriately.   

We are very aware of the cost of the playground, and always make sure that our son is under good control and not breaking things.  He has a difficult enough time blending into public places without other adults (so called) making things more difficult for him.  And for what it is worth both our son (although he is very tall) and his friend are under 12 years old.  The age that this other resident was ranting the guidelines under the seats stated was the limit for using the equipment.  Many children these days look much older than they really are.  Regardless, there are much more tactful ways of dealing with situations like this than screaming and threatening other people with police intervention.  We do not appreciate strangers screaming at and threatening our son.
Jennifer Greenstone
Troy Resident (and tax payer)