From the Issue: 
February 2012

Timeline … WWI ...People in Troy, Jaffrey and Dublin reported seeing signals/light flashes during the night from high up on Mt. Monadnock, (true).  People from Jaffrey and Dublin climbed over the East side of Monadnock for months trying to find out what was going on. (true)

             A man went to the Monadnock Bank one day, took out a few dollars and mentioned he had information on the signals and was going to Boston to the FBI with his information.  Speculation was someone was send signals to Submarines in Boston Harbor.  After his bank visit he was never seen alive again, and later was later found dead in a well on a farm in Jaffrey. (true).  The farm was owned by Doctor Lloyd, who was GERMAN  (Doctors name may be an error)  Some people thought that Dr. Lloyd had a connection with someone who had a summer home Dublin (I think that was speculation).

New timeline … about 1950 …  A gallery opened on the West side of the Troy common by a man, last name Lloyd.  I think the building is still there, it had a bay window installed replacing the barn door.  Talk around town was he may be connected to the Lloyd from Jaffrey. (speculation).              This story was reported in area newspapers, and as far away as the Boston Globe.

About 6 years ago I found out that a retired reporter from the Globe was working on a book about the lights and murder.  He must have lost interest in the story. I learned a few weeks ago that an person from Jaffrey was working on the story. Note - If TTN readers have a different story or an addition to the story, let me know, (kewart2643&