From the Issue: 
April 2010
We depend on you for the first cut in separating waste categories at the Troy center.  Please remind everyone in the family to help in keeping waste types apart.  For example, keep newspaper out of mixed paper.  Or to put it the other way, keep the flyers and colored stock out of the newspaper.  Remove caps from bottles and jugs before delivering them to the center.  Be reminded that warm weather is finally in sight — be sure jugs and bottles are rinsed.  To put it mildly, discards that aren’t rinsed can raise a stink!  Our staff does not enjoy it.
    When your good old microwave gives up; when the TV goes blank, when you decide to part with that computer or radio, these items must be weighed in by Recycling center staff.  Troy must pay to dispose of these items so we charge 15 cents per pound to cover our special disposal costs.  Speak up when you have electronic items to be disposed of.  These items are not to be placed in the “free” building or on the metal pile.  We have a special red shed to take proper care of these disposal items as required by law.
    Thanks for your help in the job of recycling and enjoy the summer!