From the Issue: 
March 2010
1. What year did Prario's Store burn down?  The  store in question was located next to the High Street RR bridge.  Looking up High St., the store would have been on the right. There is a building there now, rebuilt after the fire.  That building was not used as a store for Mr. Prario again.

2.Where did he relocate his store?
The days after the fire a controversy arouse.  The night milk train to Boston arrived on the scene (The tracks were right next the store)  The train stopped and kept blowing its whistle until the fireman arrived.  And, Lynwood Congdon and his wife lived in an apartment at the top of the hill on Prospect St, next to the old school house, just above the area near the store was.  At that time Mrs. Merryfield owned the Prospect St. house with the apartment.  Lynwood had two dogs in the apartment that night.  The dogs woke him, he saw the fire and called the Fire Dept.

So we had two stories around the Troy.  Lynwood took credit for calling the Fire Dept.  Some firemen said they heard the train whistle, discovered the fire and Fire Dept. arrived.  Those who believed the train whistle activated the firemen said the train whistle woke the dogs who woke Lynwood who called the Fire Dept.  Lynwood said the train whistle did not start until after the fire alarm sounded

As of now, we do not know if Lynwood and his dogs were then heroes or the train whistle and engineer was the hero.  At least there are so few people around now, the argument is dead, forever.