From the Issue: 
October 2011
The Meadowood County Area Fire Department will be holding a Fall Fire School in October.  October 15-16, firefighters from around the area will be participating in classes ranging from Firefighter Safety; which would teach the newest member of the fire department how to safely use their protective clothing and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus to the more advanced Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) which will give the firefighter the skills they would need to perform rescues of other firefighters who have become trapped or lost and how to perform self-rescue procedures when confronted with life threatening conditions.

MCAFD still has some cookbooks left.  "Cookin' with Fire" contains some of the favorite recipes from our members and a few funny tidbits.  If you haven't received your cookbook yet; please contact a Meadowood member.

October 9th -15th is Fire Prevention week.  This years theme is "Protect your family from fire."  Make sure all family members know what to do in the event of a fire. Draw a floor plan with at least two ways of escaping every room on each floor.  Be sure the plan shows important details: stairs, hallways and windows that can be used as fire escape routes.  Choose a safe meeting place outside for all members to be meet and never go back inside a burning building.

November 6th, we will be changing the clocks back, this would be a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors