From the Issue: 
March 2010
Many of you may have noticed that the old playground equipment at Sand Dam Recreation Area was removed this fall.  For many, this may have been a disappointment, but do not worry, better things are on the way!  A Recreation Committee has been formed with the following concern:  This committee's mission is to revitalize Sand Dam so that it will have a growing reputation as an attractive and available community gathering place where the citizens of Troy can enjoy our town's heritage, have fun, be safe, and learn.  We will ensure it is a venue at which the families of our community can gather freely without worry, and will maintain a healthy respect for the park’s original post-WWII purpose, to promote water safety.
    On March 9th, residents of Troy will have an opportunity to vote on three Warrant Articles that address the improvements to be made there. The Recreation Committee would appreciate your ‘yes’ vote on all three, none of which will impact our tax rate.
Article 20 addresses the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Engineering Study and Site Plan.  The $5,000 this article sets aside for a site plan will allow members of the commission to prepare a well thought-out long term plan for improvement of the Samuel E. Paul (Sand Dam) Recreation Area.
    Article 21 creates a Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Commission.  This commission will be composed of at least five people with a wide variety of interests, who will be responsible for the development of the site plan, selection of playground materials and equipment suppliers, and usage and maintenance of the site.
    Article 22 reserves $25,000 from the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Expendable Trust Fund for the creation of a new playground on the site so our children can play again!  Work on the new playground will begin as soon as a site plan is complete.
    Thank you all for your support of these three articles. Please stay tuned to learn how you can help us accomplish this dream. There will be many opportunities for the townspeople to come together and help our children have a safe place to play and families to gather for years to come.