From the Issue: 
March 2011
Hello my fellow Troy residents.  My name is Sean Cavanaugh and I reside on South Street and have resided there for approximately 18 years.  Since I have lived in Troy I have become a member of the Troy Fire Department as well as the Troy Ambulance and presently still serve on both departments when time permits me to do so.  I am a Full Time police officer presently employed by the Antrim Police Department where I am a Patrol Sergeant and second in command of that agency.  As part of my duties I am responsible for assisting the Chief of Police with our department budget and overall operations of the agency.  I am introducing myself to those residents who do not know me as I am running for position as a selectman to attempt serve our community further.

I strongly believe we need to solicit more businesses to come to town to offset our tax base and with that in mind further believe that without providing services that businesses will overlook locating and/or relocating to our wonderful town.  I like everyone else have ideas on how to attempt to make Troy better than it already is and that is why I am running for selectman.  I also have a couple of ideas on how the Town can generate some revenue to offset our taxes.

I appreciate that you took the time to read this and would appreciate your vote. The only promises that I will make you, is that I will work hard to earn your trust, that I will make myself available to listen to what the majority of residents want to see happen with our town and finally that I have no personal motivation or agenda and only want what is best for the entire town.  Thank you, Sean Cavanaugh (property owner and fellow tax payer)