From the Issue: 
January 2012

           I was 6 years, 3 months and 28 days old on December 7, 1941.  I was playing cards in the dinning room with my mother.  Our radio was tuned to WBZ Boston when the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor came on around 3 in the afternoon, Eastern time, Sunday.  I was scared, asked mom if we were going to be bombed?  She made a few calls to her sisters in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Arizona.  Later in the day when the news announced the Battleship Arizona was bombed, she first thought that bombs were dropped in the state of Arizona.

    Then she got down to business.  We had about 2 dozen (artificial) green wreaths with an electric candle in the center which were used to decorate our windows at Christmas.  She went to the attic to collect the wreaths and threw them out of the attic window into the front yard. Guess what, they were made in Japan.

    Also getting the boot that day were strings of Christmas lights, a picture of a Japanese garden and a box of wooden matches from Sears (Sears and Roebuck in those days), all made in Japan.  She made my father take them to the dump right away, she did not want to wait around for the rubbish man.

    On the way to school the next day I noticed Niles Howe (High St.,) and Don Randall (School St.,) had dumped their Christmas Decorations. 

    It was a dark and dreary Christmas around our house with no Christmas or window lights. We had a great Christmas tree, grown in the USA on West Hill, Troy, NH.