From the Issue: 
March 2011
Citizens of Troy- I’m running for a three year term because I would like to build on the positive changes the board has made over the last year.  Troy faces many challenges as do all communities throughout New Hampshire and the country.  Declining revenues & property values threaten us the most.  We need to have a town government to serve our residents in the most cost effective way, while maintaining the best level of service.

To accomplish this will be no easy task.  Together the Board has worked at evaluating all Town departments & services to see where operational changes could be made with the least impact while at the same time reducing costs.  I would never propose a change that would threaten the public safety of our community, however I do believe in using all available resources that Troy is entitled to use as a way to reduce the tax impact.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue as selectman to keep Troy an affordable community now and into the future. Thank you…Tom Walsh