It is time again for us to vote on who will represent us on the Monadnock School Board. I wasn't going to run this year because I wanted to finish achieving the qualifications for Firefighter 1. With the resignation of Susan Oerman, whose term will be up next year, I will be running as a write in candidate for the three year term that is on the School Warrant Ballot. We have accomplished a lot in the last two years and I want to see some continuity in the representation form Troy. From the discovery of line items that were doubled in the budget to the plan to bring the high school up to today's building codes, there is a plan in the works that needs a little more oversight to keep it on track.
MONADNOCK BUDGET COMMITTEE By Normand A. Dion -- member representing Troy
On March 10 the district voters will be asked to decide on ten warrant articles for the Monadnock Regional School District. As a Budget Committee representative I am offering my opinions on ARTICLE ONE and ARTICLE SEVEN.
This year there is little difference between the amount requested in the operating budget and in the default budget. I am disappointed that the Budget Committee failed to propose a budget that would reflect the requirements of the district. I applaud the School Committee for reducing the proposed budget by a reasonable amount. It is still apparent, though, that as the enrollment in our district declines, the size of our administration remains excessive. Further, we continue to operate two schools, MC2 and Sullivan, which together serve a total enrollment which is less than that of an ordinary classroom. We should not be asked to support such extravagance.
As a result of Surry’s departure from the district, it becomes necessary to alter the make-up of the School Board and Budget Committee. Before the deliberative session, a warrant article was written that would reduce the Swanzey representation from six members to five. Their votes would be weighted, however, so the collective power of Swanzey would remain unchanged. Both the School Board and Budget Committee voted to support this change. It was most unfortunate that at the deliberative session a maverick School Board member from Swanzey amended the warrant article to give the town of Swanzey seven members. Although the seven members would still have the same collective power by means of the weighted vote, this change smacks of unfairness. If this article passes, Swanzey will have seven “voices” on each board rather that the suggested five. This is not an enviable condition for members from other towns. Although this is not technically a “power grab” it is in fact a “power grab” in spirit. Please join with me in voting NO on this article.
It is vitally important that your voice is heard. Be sure to VOTE on the 10th.