From the Issue: 
March 2011
Hello, Selectman candidate Tom Carroll here.  I want you to vote for me for Selectman on Tuesday March 8, primarily because I will bring needed skills to Troy’s Select Board.  As I explained last month I am an accountant by trade and specialize in internal controls evaluation and improvement.  I will provide a strong managerial and coordinating presence for our valued Town employees, various Town commission and board members.  While I look forward to being supportive towards these people, ultimately we all answer to you the Townsfolk. 

As Selectman I promise to work hard with Local, School, County, State and even Federal officials to make sure that we are receiving all we can from them and to make sure that your hard earned tax dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently. I will do all I can to increase our Town’s property tax base and to bring our tax rate down without compromising important services delivered.  I promise to keep informed as to what is important to you, and with what other municipalities are doing to improve their prospects.  Because I firmly believe that all truly meaningful reform starts with each of us individually and proceeds outward from there, I challenge each and every one of you to take it upon yourselves to stay up to date with and involved with our Town’s affairs.  We, like most Towns, have very serious matters to deal with and it is up to us to solve them. 

As I ended with last month, if you’ll have me, I’d be honored to serve. May God Bless you all.