From the Issue: 
March 2012

    Hello Troy folks.  My name is Michael Walsh.  I live at the very northwest corner of our town on Tolman Road, which is off of West Hill Road.  My wife, Sydney and I have owned this property since 2006 after “escaping” from Massachusetts (we’ll never go back!).

    I have put my name on the list for your consideration to be Town Moderator.   This is a very important position because the Moderator has the responsibility to see that town meetings are conducted fairly, so that all points of view are given an opportunity to be adequately presented.   The Moderator is also responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the voting in all elections.  Next to family obligations, this is, perhaps, the most sacred of secular/civic duties.  In many jurisdictions, voter fraud and plain carelessness have caused much turmoil in elections over the years.  The current Republican Primaries/Caucuses are a good example, with Iowa overturning its initial results and our neighbor state, Maine, caught in a turmoil over vote count inaccuracy.  Couple this with the media reporting a “winner” in Maine with only about 5% of the vote tallied, and you have a perfect storm that can undermine voter confidence in our democratic/representative system.   After all, if your votes are going to be discounted, discarded or misconstrued, why vote at all?

    As Town Moderator, it will be both my honor and my purpose to see that free speech is upheld, and that the votes are counted and reported accurately without bias to any party or candidate.   Thank you for your consideration.