From the Issue: 
January 2012

    We would like to thank everyone for their support of the Troy Ambulance.  The Troy Ambulance is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to responding to emergencies in Troy and surrounding communities.  Our EMT’s are National Registered and licensed by the State of NH.

           We would like to draw awareness to the importance of early heart attack and stroke detection.  If you are experiencing chest pain, chest pressure, numbness on one side of your body, weakness on one side of your body or difficulty breathing DO NOT WAIT—CALL 9-1-1!!!  Early recognition and quick treatment save lives.  The longer between onset and treatment, the more damage that is caused and the worse the outcome may be.  If you might be having a heart attack or stroke DO NOT drive yourself, or have someone drive you, to the hospital!  Early treatment starts with the ambulance.

    We would also like to remind everyone that it is very important for you to number your house.  To find out if your house is properly marked ask yourself would an emergency crew that only has a street name and house number be able to find my house in an emergency?  Things to remember: crews may not be coming from the same direction as your mail carrier, crews may not be from Troy, your mail box may not be at the end of your driveway or on the same side of the road, how about when there is snow and snow banks, and can you be found at night.  Common places for numbers are on or near your door, on your house close to the driveway and under a light.  Drive by your house and see if you can find your house and driveway.  Take some time and make sure your house is marked and can be found quickly.

    We hope that everyone had a good holiday and will have a safe and enjoyable 2012.  Be safe and if you need help Call 9-1-1.