From the Issue: 
December 2011
Now that the museum is in order, the members have been working on cleaning and sorting materials stored in the cupboards in the office area.  One area we would like to improve is Troy's athletic teams.  Several athletic trophies were donated to the Society but we have no information about them.  Three of the trophies are for basketball, Southern NH Interscholastic League 1948-1949, Champions in 1954-1955, and State Champion 1955.  The last two were coached by H. Silander.  We have one large silver trophy with a marble base and a baseball player at the top.  The plaque at the base is no longer there.  If you have information about these trophies please contact Kathy Marrotte, Bob Hall, or Gary Phelps.  If you would like to donate any Troy sports memorabilia and/or information about Troy's athletic teams we would love to display it!  

Another project we are working on is the annual Cookie Tour.  This year we would like to display Christmas ornaments and decorations from the past.  Is there a Christmas ornament or garland that has been passed down in your family?  A tablecloth, runner, or holiday decoration?  If so, why not share it during our holiday display.  Please contact Judy Hall or Kathy Marrotte before December 7th.

If you haven't visited the museum at Kimball Hall, we are open noon.  Our November meeting was the last meeting for 2011.  Our annual meeting will be in March of 2012.  Please join us in "Preserving the Past for Tomorrow."  We meet the third Thursday of each month at 4 PM in Kimball Hall.

We look forward to seeing you during the Cookie Tour on December 10th from 11 AM to 4 PM at the museum in Kimball Hall.