Troy Mills Update

From the Issue: 
October 2009
A lot was accomplished at the Troy Mill this summer though it might not show from the street. The Green demolition of 80,000 SF of buildings in the center of the mill complex has been completed, creating a one acre central court yard.  The undertaking was a big job since before demolition all of the interiors of the buildings needed to be removed first. The green demolition included recycling of all metals, removal of wood roofs and recycling the wood into flooring.  In addition we have saved all the bricks we need to do the brick repair on the mill.  The balance of the bricks and concrete will be used as base for the walking paths (brick) and the concrete will be crushed into base material for the parking lot. It is estimated that we will recycle over 8 million pounds of brick and concrete materials.

The courtyard when completed will include a pond with fish, trees, benches and walking path that will connect to the planned walking paths for the entire site. You may have also noticed that we have started some brick repairs on the Monadnock Street side of the mill.  We will be doing brick repairs to both elevator and stair towers throughout the month of September.

An open house at the Troy Mills to view the demolition will be from 3PM to 5 PM on October 9th.  All Town residents are invited.  See you on 10/9/09.  Please park in the parking lot at the intersection of Mill Street and Monadnock street and follow the signs to come into the mill.