Troy, New Hampshire

The area that is now known as Troy was first settled in 1764 by families from Massachusetts eager for new land. Farming was their first thought, but the hilly landscape made waterpowered mills more practical. The grist mill came first, but abundant hardwood enabled manufacturing of wooden pails, boxes, and clothes pins. A woolen mill was established in 1851. The Troy Blanket Mill flourished with the invention of horse blankets that could be fitted closely to the animal. Troy horse blankets became well known across the country. With the advent of the automobile, Troy Mills made a successful transition to fabrics for cars.

In its earlier years we know that Troy was a part of the towns of Marlborough, Fitzwilliam, Swanzey, and Richmond. Poor access to these village centers encouraged the construction of a meeting house-now the Troy Town Hall. In 1815 residents convinced the New Hampshire legislature to establish Troy as a separate town. The remoteness was changed for good with the coming of the Cheshire Railroad in 1846. For more than a hundred years the railroad made travel to Keene, Walpole, and Boston very easy. Many visitors found their way to Troy, including Henry David Thoreau, who made a bee-line for Mt. Monadnock after arriving at the Troy Depot.

Troy is blessed with an historic common that preserves the look and distinction of nineteenth century New England. Today, the common still serves as a gathering place for the village. The gazebo replaces a bandstand that formerly graced the common. A stroll around the Troy Common starts with the classic Town Hall with the town clock still tolling the hours. There are many fine examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture throughout the town.

Today Troy is a town of 2000 people, few of whom are descendants of its earliest settlers. Residents and visitors alike find all of the conveniences of a modern small town... fresh baked goods at the bakery, browsing for antiques, or enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Need a bank, a gas station, a grocery store?? They are all near by.