From the Issue: 
April 2011
Good morning, Arthur. Nice day in TN?

1. Andrew Crown:  My wife, Faith Lang, and I both remember Andrew as he proudly marched in Memorial (Decoration) Day parades in his WWl army uniform.  I believe that he lived on North Main but what house I do not know.

2. Ruth Platts and her husband, Doctor Platts lived in the house on the eastern side of what was the IGA store.  Dr. Platts would knit, for relaxation, while Faith played the piano for him.  Faith would later play cards with Mrs. McIntier(sp?) whom Faith believed was Mrs. Platts' mother. But neither of us remembers Mrs Platts' car.

3. Harold Mitchell, a relative of Faith's father, Frank Lang (not Ginn! !) I believe delivered groceries on Wednesday and Saturday.  When I worked for Joe Legrenade in 1945, that was a common schedule among the stores in town.  "Marzo" Descoteau did the same for the IGA.

4. Ed Lockhart was a house-to-house insurance man.  He was also an avid wrestling fan with his friend Mose Stone (Desrochers).  They went every Friday to the Rec in North Swanzey and sat in the front row.  One of the "good guys" was Johnny Koski, known as the FLYING FINN FROM TROY.  Ed also was THE umpire for the Troy town baseball team as well as the president of the Town's athletic association.  He was noted as saying "It is a vote and I so declare it!"  As for baseball, your father and Bill Devine would take me with them to Braves Field quite often as they had Sunday season tickets.  They never charged me a dime but I did need to pay (a WHOLE $2.00) for my own dinner at Suttons.
Sorry to be so long-winded but there are not many of we old "geezers" left in Troy.

Editor’s note:  This was received via email to Art McKew who sent it along to us in response to the March quiz questions.