From the Issue: 
January 2012

             It’s been almost 20 years since the first issue of TROY TOWN NEWS hit mailboxes and I wondered if the readership is aware of the process it takes to make that happen these days?  TTN is staffed by volunteers and financed by advertising revenue.  Sally Adams is our advertising coordinator.  She contacts both current and new advertisers to get the information for their ads.  Judy Mentzer is bookkeeper and occasional proofreader.  Pauline Fish works on layout: we use Publisher to produce the paper, inserting each article and ad in a hopefully pleasing and interesting manner. 

Ralph Wentworth and Lynn Smith are co-editors with a myriad of tasks monthly.  Lynn emails contributors a reminder early in the month, both writers and advertisers, and answers any questions that may come up from that.  She provides articles and photos as needed.  Ralph checks in with the town boards, recycling center, business updates.  He formats the emailed articles and calendar.

Layout is generally the third weekend of the month at Kimball Hall – we thank the Historical Society for allowing us to share their space.  By then most of the stories are in and we can see how they will fit with the ads and how many pages we will have, trying for a balance between ads and stories.  Because we work in multiples of four pages, occasionally we need to leave out articles submitted – or beat the bushes for stories or pictures to fill the holes!  It’s an intense weekend of computer work.  If all goes well, by Sunday late afternoon all the pages are formatted and proofed, and the next phase is ready to begin.

Lynn transfers the files to her home computer, lets them set overnight, to get a fresh perspective on the pages.  The files are merged into one document, proofed one more time and electronically sent to the printer.  We use Prospect Press who provide a proof before they print the 1,050 copies needed to distribute.  This takes less than a week most months.  Final copies are delivered to Lynn, brought to the Post Office by either Lynn or Ralph, and in your mailboxes by the first of the month.

Whew!  Take a couple of days off, and begin again.

Speaking of Ralph … he is ready to move on to editor emeritus status, leaving a huge hole in the production staff.  So, TTN is looking for someone(s) to fill his shoes.  If you are interested, here is a list of what he does – download and format emailed articles during the week preceding layout weekend, format and fill monthly calendar, contact town boards and recycle center for information and articles, write articles (often on a spur of the moment basis to fill a gap), edit and proofread, pick up and deliver to post office with appropriate paperwork, share layout tasks, keep his finger on the pulse of the town to make us aware of important goings-on.  And I am sure there is more … send along an email to  and let’s talk …