On Saturday, July 25 during the Old Home Days, Girl Scout Brownie Troop 20105 and Daisy Troop 12716 will be playing old fashioned games on the common.  We will be there from 2 to 3 PM  Come join us for Battle of the Oranges, Clothes Pins in the Bottle and Move a Penny With Your Nose.  We are hoping to see a lot of you kids that day.  We are happy to be a part of this wonderful weekend.  Hope to see you there.


Don’t forget to join us at the Hobo Breakfast during Old Home Days on Saturday, July 25th from 8 to 11 AM.  Our “Hobo Pockets” are delicious!  It’s a pita pocket filled with scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and cheese, wrapped in foil and warmed on the coals.  Also on the menu are fresh donuts cooked while you watch, a variety of baked goods, juice, coffee and fruit. 

Beginning at noon until 3 PM, “Muscle” cars from the 1960’s and 70’s will be shown off while the “Ice Cream Man” sells cold treats from his 70’s truck.   Fast Friends Greyhounds will also be on the site to welcome our visitors.  Our museum will be open until 2 PM with one walk through tour at 11:30 AM.  The Commemorative Plaque will be returned to the building for those who haven’t had the chance to see it displayed at Eva’s Bakery. 

Special thanks to Eva, for all of her support to local organizations.


Plan your ‘staycation’ this year in Troy.  Over thirty years ago as our nation planned to celebrate our bicentennial a small group of citizens planned the first Troy Arts Festival.  Over the years the Troy Arts Festival evolved with the changes of our town's citizens, festival participants and organizers.  A few years ago the historical groups approached Meg Brodhead, then chairman/organizer of the Troy Arts Festival, and the selectmen to begin a discussion of a town wide event.  They weren't sure how or what but the idea was to have a celebration to reflect the spirit


Yes, you read that right: “BURIED TREASURE!” And here is a cryptic clue: WHAT does “TROY B M 1009”  mean, and WHERE might you expect to find it?  Of course, that could be a false lead, meant to confuse people and throw them off the trail…  Or, it could be the real key to unlocking a long-buried secret!


As a means to help showcase the businesses and organizations of Troy and create a historical archive, Carrie Mattson, Jessica Benner and myself (Martha Silander) are organizing a Taste of Troy raffle to benefit the Troy Old Home Days.  We are asking all businesses and organizations to provide a business card or write up about your business with a small donation (key chain, coffee mug, something relevant to your organization.)  We want to help your business grow locally.


The Historical Society held its meeting on June 4th at Kimball Hall.  We are making plans for our annual membership drive to begin in August.  The Society needs active members who will be interested in creating or rearranging displays, researching artifacts, and staffing the museum on occasions.  (And love sharing Troy's great history.)  So be watching in August for more information.


At several points during this past school year, we started to doubt whether or not summer vacation would ever arrive, yet here it is!  With the close of this school year, we said goodbye to our dear friend and colleague, Betsy O’Leary.  After 30 years of broadening the minds of more students than we’d want to count, Betsy has retired from teaching and we wish her the best of luck as she begins a new adventure.  


1.  Where was the OakTree Lot
2.  What was the OakTree Lot

Send your answers to Arthur McKew
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Arthur McKew is a former Troy Selectman now retired and living in Tennessee
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